Poetry of Life

There is the Poetry.
There is the Story-telling.
And there is the simple Life.
Life with all its mundanity, all its charm, all big or little things, which we think are important only to us.

In reality, we all go through similar struggles and non-sense, and we all want to make sense of them. But how do we turn Life into Poetry? Sometimes a thought would resonate with you, sometimes the only helpful thing about reading it, would be to figure that this is exactly what you disagree with, and sometimes it will just nudge you to come up with your own reflections.

This is how it works for me. I read passionately, I take away some truths, which I find on the pages, others I deem not my truths and I let go.

Here are some of my simple reflections on some simple and not-so-simple daily matters. I asked myself why would I publish this soup of contemplations, but then I thought – if they have helped me find some truths through the thinking process, why not share my thinking process with others, who might find their own truths.

And here they are, my little endeavours to turn Life into Poetry.

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