The visits of Nostalgia are sweet and sour. You cannot let her linger very long. Yet, you embrace her when her music plays along.


The temple inside you is a sacred place. It is only there you can meet God. Prayer keeps your temple open and clean. It keeps your conversation with God unintentional, instinctive and pristine.

Numb power

The battle is never-ending and rough, with an invisible but present enemy. I crave to defeat it, but it belongs deep within me.


In the open, my soul is at home – it can feel connection, it can sense its primal nature, it can find its true direction.


To experience enlightenment, you need a vast and empty space. You need to let your spirit find this full of nothingness and darkness place.


The needle vividly touching the skin,
the ink soaking sharply,
making an illustration of what is within.


The world is larger than your knowledge of it – to be lost is a destination. To live always in the beginning of life is a chance with no limitations.

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