A sound of a familiar song.
A sound from your youth, from a place somewhere else.
A sound invites an uninvited guest.
She speaks your own language.
She knows your thoughts, memories and quests.

Nostalgia sits there on your couch,
silently observing every move of yours.
You can sense her presence and
you find comfort in her voice.

She ties her hands around you,
wraps you with indestructible invisible strings.
Her love gently suffocates you,
a forgotten sorrow on the surface brings.

Nostalgia sends you messages from home.
A song. An impulse. A feeling of warmth.
She guides you, she keeps you attached.
Your past in a single moment she can perform.

Without her visits you feel lost.
A tree with no roots.
No past, no knowledge, no belonging.
No prior mistakes, no future routes.

The visits of Nostalgia are sweet and sour.
You cannot let her linger very long.
Yet, you embrace her
when her music plays along.

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