You look in this reflection, and hope to see and find out what you need and to make a revealing realization. However, you always see what you look for. Essentially, you see what you need to see.


The visits of Nostalgia are sweet and sour. You cannot let her linger very long. Yet, you embrace her when her music plays along.


The temple inside you is a sacred place. It is only there you can meet God. Prayer keeps your temple open and clean. It keeps your conversation with God unintentional, instinctive and pristine.


And she could not see the only liberation from the cocoon of guilt, her only salvation, was self-forgiveness and love.

Numb power

The battle is never-ending and rough, with an invisible but present enemy. I crave to defeat it, but it belongs deep within me.


Now Impermanence gives me comfort, I have embraced it as the only permanent thing in my realities, the constant state of stillness and discovery.


The feeling of not knowing where you will sleep, brings a special kind of anticipation, which is like a ball of excitement inside your stomach.

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