On fear

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Fear has so many faces.

It could be fear out of love. Fear of failure. Fear of something bigger than ourselves. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being powerless. Fear of responsibility. Fear of being alone. Fear of being wrong. Fear of impermanence.

There are so many faces of Fear. They surround you and look at you from every corner. Sometimes the Fear faces stare at you, they pierce you with their spears and have you at their mercy. At the mercy of fear. There is nothing more fearsome than that.

Fear never comes alone. It always arrives in company, a company of friends, who sense the vulnerable soul with their poisonous tentacles. Fear never comes alone. Each of them wants a little piece of you, the more they share the pieces of you, the easier it is to conquer your soul and drag you in the dark sea, which they inhabit. Once you fall there, it is difficult to come out, if you let them grab you, you will almost certainly sink.

Recognizing fear

For this is why you have to fight. Never let any fear haunt you. Never let yourself be at the mercy of your fears. Negative emotions will always be there, but what matters is not to become them. Don’t ever turn into fear.

When you capture the presence of it in yourself, acknowledge it. When acknowledged, fear loses its power of being invisible and creeping in the parts of your soul where you least suspect.

Then, give it a name. Naming your fear, labelling it, gives you power over it. Giving your fear a name, means you know your enemy, you know what you need to fight.

Battling fear

Next is the battle; the battle, which will bring you from fear to love. For love is the only weapon you can use against your fears. Love to yourself gives you trust that you can handle everything, known or unknown, small or bigger than yourself. Self-love gives you the confidence  and courage you need in order to take the daunting steps life needs you to take. Love to others, gives you the power to handle the worries, the judgement, the disappointment, come what may along the way of your relationships with others.  The battle is not from fear to bravery. The battle is not against fear itself. The battle is to pass from the dimension of fear, to the dimension of love.

Finally, always be ready to meet your fears. Always stay on guard for if you don’t face fears, you are not growing. Do not strive to be fearless, but strive to be the master of your fears, the master of love.

Take a few more tiny doses of life here.

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