On how to recognise a soul


How to recognize a soul? Some souls are meant to cross your life, to touch it and change it – without need for definition, for better or for worse. These souls have a role to teach you something, to be your teacher.

It may be a stranger on the street who pays you a compliment and brightens your day. It may be a homeless person who evokes feelings of compassion in you, which you did not suspect to hold for them. It may be your past lover, who made your heart beat in a new way but the earthquake they caused was too strong to handle. It may be the child of a friend, who reaches their arms towards you and you immediately know that you will be captivated by their purity forever. It may be your life partner, who you saw in a crowd and without knowing their name, you knew there is something special about them, something which will make them right for you. It may be a stranger on a bench telling you a random story, in which you suddenly hear the truth you are looking for. It may be your sibling who is your bright guiding star. It may be a work colleague who you feel this unexplainable urge to work more with. It may be a friend for whom you simply know with your gut that they are good and healthy to be around. It may be the person who broke your heart in million pieces and you wished you never met. It may be this kid at school who insulted and ashamed you. It may be the teacher who mistreated you despite all your hardest efforts. It may be the teacher who made you go on.

It may be anyone, as long as you are open to see them, to recognise their souls. They will be in unexpected bodies, with unexpected looks and gender. Your eyes are less useful here. Learn to find the patterns, which your soul’s teachers have in common – the patterns of how they make you feel, the energy they carry.

Some souls are there but should not be around you, as they will only rob you of your energy and peace.
Some souls are there to give you a lesson and then go.
Some souls are there to stay, to help you fulfil your mission in this lifetime.

You have the ability to recognise every soul as soon as you cross paths but you have to train yourself to see.
Reflect upon and learn from your encounters. Were they healthy? Were they painful? Did they serve you? Did they harm you?
Look into the future, and listen to your immediate feeling . Do you want to see more of this soul? Do they enlarge you or negate you? Do they fill you in with fear or with love?
You have the answers, they are always within you, if only you learn to see them with no pre-conceptions, no labels, just the immediate feeling. Never ignore your immediate feeling, never feel guilty about it, never try to suppress it because “liking” someone seems right, it needs to feel right.

We have our whole lives to learn to see and liberate ourselves of the fear that we will make a mistake. If you make a mistake – even better, the encounter can immediately go into the box of “learnings”, rather than stay on the “unknowns” shelf . Some mistakes cost more than others, and that makes them even more precious.

If you stay safe among the souls who you happen to encounter, and not among the souls who you have recognised with your intuition, you will never meet your intuition. The less you let her perform, the more shy she gets. Intuition needs to be called often and asked for her opinion. The more she is listened to, the more precise she gets. Your intuition knows you, let yourself know her.

So how do you recognise a soul?


Take a few more tiny doses of life here.

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