Can you see the reflections of your soul in the water?


The woods offer a spectacular performance in the Autumn. They feel liberated and inspired. The notes of their song are somehow tranquil, somehow soothing the souls, who open their senses to listen to them. The wind whispers mysterious words, which take every leaf on a rhythmical dance down to the velvety ground. A dance of transition, for the leaves to take a new role in the magical performance of the woods.

The fallen leaves have snuggled next to one another on the shore of the river, to bring themselves into one whole with the nurturing soil. They infuse the air with a scent of Earth, which grounds you and gets you intoxicated with the joy of being where you need to be.

A relieved tree is resting peacefully by the river bed, integrating the past months into its new lighter composition. The colors are melting into a masterpiece picture, which seals definitively the impermanence of the moment. Every moment is so special to witness as tomorrow it will change.

The serene river underneath is blessed to observe every single episode of this transition, every single leaf, every new composition of the tree. The river is a master of transition. She never stops flowing, always carrying new energy through her bed. Yet, she is the permanent mirror of the changing landscape, she hosts the energy of the landscape’s everlasting reflection in its waters.


In the mirror of the river, you watch your own thoughts, too. They sway down gracefully and melt into the reflection. They form a liquid projection of what was, what is and what could be. You look in this reflection, and hope to see and find out what you need and to make a revealing realization. However, you always see what you look for. Essentially, you see what you need to see.

When the mind gets quiet, and lets the thoughts drop and float freely in the river, the needs of the soul resurface and manifest into a clear reflection for your heart to witness. When you breathe slowly, and you make space for your thoughts to sway, you become part of this masterpiece performance of the woods.

You give yourself the gift to see the reflections of your own soul in the water.


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