On marginality

Questioning marginality can be as productive as questioning a pot of mussels, which is a central piece of art in the modern art exhibition. Yet, there is a danger in not questioning it at all.

On monotony

Monotony, sameness and boredom allow you to see beyond, to look for more. To connect with what is there, available around you. To connect with what is natural. To connect with the Earth. When there is no artificial distraction - we connect with the seasons, with the day, with the night, with the rain, with the sun, with every simple miraculous thing we have been taking for granted.

On fear

The battle is not from fear to bravery. The battle is not against fear itself. The battle is to pass from the dimension of fear, to the dimension of love.

On being nice

The moment you start being nice, instead of bitter, and especially in the moments, when you truly feel bitter, the real positive change starts. It is a magic, which everyone possesses, but needs to master.

On how to recognise a soul

Some souls are there but should not be around you, as they will only rob you of your energy and peace. Some souls are there to give you a lesson and then go. Some souls are there to stay, to help you fulfil your mission in this lifetime.


And she could not see the only liberation from the cocoon of guilt, her only salvation, was self-forgiveness and love.

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