Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Prayer is gentle and rough.
She only meets you with eyes closed, heart open.
She brings you to a journey,
which carries you from crying to laughter.

The temple of your soul is quiet and dark.
It is the place you know best,
And one that you can never fully discover.

Prayer has a special cleansing force,
It washes the floors of your temple.
It holds your hand when you sit next your sins.
And when there is no more air,
she opens the windows and lets light and love come in.

Prayer does not like asks.
She likes acceptance, confession, regret and remorse.
She likes gratitude and in exchange
she offers consolation, forgiveness and hope.

The temple inside you is a sacred place.
It is only there you can meet God.
Prayer keeps your temple open and clean.
It keeps your conversation with God
unintentional, instinctive and pristine.

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