The world outside is so beautiful, so is this inside. The view and the thought of it invades every part of my body. I feel so blessed to be part of it. I always feel thankful for my eyes are able to see these wonders.

Words are a tool too special and I spend them carefully, I have discovered a new dimension of quietness. Quietness, deprived of action, deprived of worrying thoughts “what to do”; quietness, only inhabited by the view in my eyes. My eyes connect me with the world outside the window and I realize I have rarely felt so connected. My eyes have turned into a window for my soul to see.

I like to sit quiet and observant, and watch. In the view, I have found shelter. I felt I could no longer belong to the old world. I have built my own new world – there, in the seclusion of the view, I have found peace with letting go of ego, worries and desires, which inhabit the world on the other side. I could not have imagined what a different life could be, simply because I never had to. However, how adaptable we are as creatures. What is more, why inhabit an old world with my new self.

For when I look outside the window now, I see wonders, I see them inside. Sometimes an invisible hand reaches out towards me, it takes my hand gently, it leads me and I follow. I follow the hand and I experience the outside with my whole body and being. Sometimes, I can experience all seasons of the year in a single journey.

I can feel the cold pinching my skin and my breath freezing as I exhale.
I immerse in a white fairy tale.

The scent of fresh flowers nourishes every cell of my being.
I feel reborn.
The green grass makes me thankful for seeing.

I am liberated, with the birds I draw figures in the sky.
My soul is free.
Towards the horizon it flies.

The change takes her brush and starts painting over the landscapes.
I, too, transform.
I turn into a beautiful pattern of colors and magical shapes.

I follow the hand, but then I always need to return to the physical reality, where my body exists. I sometimes find myself bewildered. A dissonance between physical and metaphysical realities. How much choice do I have at all? Plenty.

I choose to stay in the connection with Impermanence, with myself, the only certain state I could rely on. Now Impermanence gives me comfort, I have embraced it as the only permanent thing in my realities, the constant state of stillness and discovery. I feel more connected than ever with the world outside the window, and the world inside myself.

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