Spider web

spider web
Photo by johvdz


Like a Spider web is the Intuition –
subtle, tender, gracious,
vulnerable to the wind,
yet stronger than it seems.


Knitted very slowly,
carefully following a path,
drawing exquisite gentle shapes,
in nature creating its own space.


How these silver strings
hang in complete stillness.
Stillness their beauty unveils,
tells a magical fairy tale.


Only in a tale of stillness
intuition finds a form.
Like a Spider web –
it has no evident deliberation,
but leads the way
to a greater self and illumination.


Like a Spider web –
it is sometimes covered in drops –
drops cold in dark,
drops shiny in light.
Intuition leads
to moments of pain and delight.


Like a silky Spider web
is the Intuition –
knowing without knowing.
Like a delicate Spider web above water,
of million concepts connection,
unable to see in the water
its own complex reflection.

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