Utopia of Clarity


Concepts, feelings and objects –

have no obvious nature on their own.

They come to existence when connected.

In relation to something their character shows.


Certitude and clarity –

they inhabit a utopic land.

A land where all is defined,

where one stays small,

and nothing can be refined.


Black and white –

without one there cannot be the other.

Without knowing to be far

we cannot feel close to each other.


Only through hearing the noise

one can appreciate silence.

Only through losing trust

one can understand confiance.


When destruction takes over

creation finds space to arise.

One embraces self-expression

only after being stuck in disguise.


When frigidity has disappeared

impulses find a pristine meaning.

When one has known indifference

they recognize a dedicated feeling.


In that utopic land of certitude and clarity

dismissed is the power of not knowing,

taken away is the capacity to be astonished,

the magic of consciousness is stopped from growing.


It is in human brain’s complex nature

to always struggle for answers and definitions.

But the mind in a state of self-exploration

creates unimagined masterpiece exhibitions.

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