Photo by Laura Williams


A round room with no walls –

instead of walls, covered in mirrors.

A bright yellow shadow in the middle falls.

Its own lack of reflection it fears.


Bright yellow shadow

in the shape of a human soul,

desperate to find itself in the mirror

from side to side it strolls.


Desperate to find itself,

it stares at each mirror.

It tries to manifest its nature

but no trace of image clearer.


To manifest its nature,

to find a proof of its existence,

but the mirrors are numb and staring,

only enhancing the distance.


Numb and staring. But why?

The bright yellow soul is there.

For its reflection it’s searching,

and slowly fading in despair.


While for its reflection it’s searching,

for a simple answer it remains blind.

The image of the self is to be created

not somewhere outside found.

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