Photo by Brandon Kawamura on Unsplash

What is a Mirage?

It’s Beauty, it’s Hope.

It’s a Blooming Tree in a Lonely Desert.

It’s an Ocean Island in your Hopeless Scope.


You crave to reach it.

You dream and wait.

You keep going forward,

driven only by your faith.


But it’s there!

You dive into your Ocean.

You crawl in your Desert.

More real gets your Notion.

More awake you are than ever.


And finally you touch it!

You find yourself so near!

It feels so magnificent and real

and then it disappears…


What is there now in the Horizon?

It’s blank, and endless, and shady.

You lost your Mirage

and your Path starts fading.


           It`s a Mirage, it`s Nonexistent

but it was so easy to follow.

When it`s not any more present,

your Horizon gets distant,

it gets hollow…

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