“And this, dear colleagues, must drive our strategy over the next two years. We need to invest all possible resources, in order to…” Lucia was trying hard to follow the utterly important presentation of the very smart, very senior director of something.
She knows her job well and she likes it, she gets new responsibilities regularly, she feels valued, and she is well challenged intellectually. She can’t escape her inner urges, though, and every now and then, she yields and daydreams through the most important presentations at work, as if they never happened.
Sophisticatedly dressed, in her dark blue silk dress, high-heeled red leather shoes, strict hair-do and an expensive perfume, she fits well in the corporate environment. She does the entertaining small talk over a current political topic, she diligently collects and distributes business cards after the meeting, shakes hands and turns back to her desk.
She clicks open her mailbox and calendar and looks at the big screen, which is in front of the autumn window. “How many meetings over important topics can one possibly have in a day? People should very urgently stop inventing work out of nowhere”, she thinks. “Just in order to feel more important and register more activity, people will do everything to create more topics to work on. This is like an avalanche – one important meeting inevitably drags along a number of those after itself.” She finds a certain distressing comfort in looking at her calendar and in moaning to herself about being too busy, and about making herself part of the corporate machine.
When this is no longer comforting at all, she closes her eyes and Moves. Lucia has always known that there must be something more to life than her interesting job. In order to find it, she has been flirting with alchemy and shamanism for some time. “Knowledge is accessible only to those who choose to look for it.” she likes to think. Thus, she has by now mastered the transformation and re-creation of her own self into another dimension – a parallel reality, which is available to all, but accessible by few.
She closes her eyes, stops the time and goes There. She is still exploring her own imagination and figures that the more time she spends on the other side, the deeper she can go every time. After her last experience of her soul having a heated conversation with a tree, which was unpleased with the human kind in general, she is a little more cautious because she never knows what she will discover next, somewhere deep across the infinite layers of her consciousness.
The trips work through activating and connecting various consciousnesses at the same time, transcending together to create a parallel reality, a world made up of all the interlaced imaginations of humans transcending at this point. Hence, she never knows what she will discover. The world is never the same as the last time, and never will it be the same the next one. A beautiful definition of impermanence. Some trips shake her more than others. It largely depends on the intensity of the personalities, dreams and fears of the transcenders, but also on Where She is at now.
“Alright, let’s have a walk then.” Lucia starts her next trans-ploration excited and determined. Her dress is a beautiful work of art made of wind, swirling around her tender body, making her feel light and gently floating above the ground. She twists her waist, stretches her arms to all sides, waves her hair and moves freely and spontaneously, her moves are rather like a dance dictated by the wind, than a walk. She is floating in a perfectly orchestrated rhythm, purposelessly with the wind, as there is no other purpose for her at this moment.
She is so enchanted by her world, that she reaches a rare state of full focus, where she has the ability to use other transcenders’ worlds, but does not need to interfere with themselves. Suddenly, she starts feeling her moves get a bit slower, a bit less fluid. She grabs a handful of air, rubs it on her skin to feel the temperature in her private swirl of wind. Beautiful and powerful it may be, it has been dropping dramatically.
Lucia’s nervousness slightly increases, making her wind-dress get even wilder. “Fire…fire is what I need…”  As she is already starting to create her own little storm, she passes by a bush with bright red sparkling Fire fruits. She approaches the bush, and reaches towards the burning flames among the branches with a great speed and precision, before her wind has  extinguished the flamy fruits. She grabs one Fire fruit and bites at the flame with a voracious deliberation. The warmth flows through her body with every bite, she feels her blood starting to boil, her body pulsates, her wind dress is now calm and warming up gradually. At the point when her dress is just about to turn into fire, she opens her eyes, back at her desk. “Gosh, which dress do I prefer?”, she asks herself, staring blankly at her calendar full of meetings.

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