A feeling of motion

His eyes are full of sparkles looking at the horizon, where the sun is calling him to follow. He pulls his shoe laces carefully, adjusts his bright orange helmet, just above his mildly tanned face. The helmet is impatient to see where he will take her today. He cracks his fingers readily and jumps determined on the seat of his matching black and orange bike. It is eager to explore the muddy trails. Without even blinking, he heads into the green forest.
He slowly accelerates until he connects with the bike. His legs, full of blood, are his only engine. That feeling of gaining full control over his body, his bike and his route, pump his heart up and it races with the speed of the bike wheels. The feeling of motion is one of self-fulfillment.
He has merged with his machine and his surroundings, completely absorbed into the movement and the forest. His lungs, full of mountain air, are opening to the scent of pine trees. The forest birds are observing the bright orange biker, undisturbed by his peaceful deliberation.
The speed of the Orange beast accelerates even more, the wheels get faster and shorter interactions with the ground. Just as he feels in full control of his situation, completely tuned in with his activity, one little part of his focus suddenly gets carried away. He slowly tilts to the right side, and reaches the point of no return. He lands on the ground almost in slow motion and separates from his bike. He looks at it before he looks at his scratches. He painfully feels the encounter with the forest surface and the bush. Supporting himself on his hurting hands, he stands up and pulls his bike out of the embrace of the untamed bushes.
He is back up. The fall has not taken away any of the determination on his face, it has strengthened it. He dusts his clothes off and makes a quick body scan for more serious scratches or injuries. When he confirms his wholeness, he adjusts his helmet, jumps back on the seat, twists the pedals and brings back the soul into the body of his Orange beast. They both continue riding towards the horizon, where the sun is calling them to follow.

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