No one can see me

A big grey building, a puzzle of concrete and glass. I enter the puzzle, some plants have been put up to create an illusion of “connection with nature”. Everyone is busy – busy being social, busy being important, busy staring at the floor, busy being busy…
They are so busy that no one can see me.
I am busy myself with my thoughts. My thoughts asking “what am I doing there”. The air is fresh, unnaturally perfect temperature. So perfect that no one is actually busy trying to feel it, trying to guess what the temperature is. Everyone is so well settled, that they forget to use their senses. They just merge with the surroundings. Among them, I do, too.
I merge with the surroundings and no one can see me.
I sit in a room, full of unseeing people. They are looking at the screen on the wall but the content is so detached from their passions, the content is so seen already. The dynamic has already been felt. The superficial purpose of being in the room stretches between the walls. The room is so full of superficial that everyone has lost their incentive to see, since everything has already been seen, has been proven disconnected with the souls.
No one is seeing, while everyone wants to be seen.
But it feels liberating when no one can see me. Then I feel I can be myself, I feel I am safe in my own world. When no one can see me, I am not vulnerable. But we need vulnerability in order to grow, only in vulnerability, we allow ourselves to discover, to not be scared of the unknown. It takes a lot of vulnerability, though.
You can be vulnerable, only if you are seen…but no one can see me.

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